Morten Plesner
visual artist
Works and live in Lejre, Denmark
Born 1979

In a time when complexity and digitalization are the norm, my artistic choice represents an intuitive resistance and renegotiation of the role of nature and the elements in art. I strive for a layer of humor, self-irony and a subtle reference to the psychedelic in my work.

At the core of my creative process, I orchestrate experimentation - a deliberate loss of control to the capricious forces of chance. This calculated surrender to the fury of the elements allows for a dialog between intention and chance, which is evident in the works.

 Conceptually, my works follow clear and intuitive dogmas from natural processes. This establishes guidelines that govern techniques and choice of materials. My practice is characterized by a primitive materiality such as burning and melting that is completed with a thorough finish - the unadorned, raw aesthetic primal force of nature, versus an embellished presentation of the work.

Going forward, I want to delve further into the burning processes and the central aesthetic imprint of the brutality of nature and destruction. The works absorb the destructive forces and re-present them in new expressions, as a reminder of the potential for renewal in the midst of destruction.

The Royal Theater, B.A. in Scenic painting, Copenhagen, 2000 – 2004,
Holbæk kunsthøjskole, 2006, Holbæk

Solo exhibitions:

2023 – Gallery Knowhere, ”Portotyper” Rønne
2022 -
Bricks Gallery ”Daydream rituals” , Copenhagen
2020 -
Bricks Gallery ”Atoll”, Copenhagen
2018 - Kapellet, ”Alt i alt for nu”, Lejre.
2012 - Hvidovre Biblotek, "Røg", Part of the artistduo: Ultra Grøn (UG), Hvidovre.
2011 - Gallery Christoffer Egelund, The Project Room,"Viking 0992-16DK", UG, Copenhagen.
2010 - Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, "Udenfor-Eksperimenter" Østerport Station,UG, Copenhagen.
2010 - X-Bunker, "Hængende Telte I Bunker" UG, Sønderborg.
2009 - WAS -Wonderland art space, ”Det edder bixme teltede¨, UG, Copenhagen.

Selected Exhibition History:

2023 - ”about connecting grounds” Groupshow in a gravelpit in Sorø
2022 - ”Deep dive - Fremkladte lag” Groupshow in a gravelpit in Sorø
2021 - Museet for Samtidskunst, ”Bobler”, Roskilde.
2021 - ”Kunst, natur og ritual” a groupshow i the forrest of Holsteinborg Manor, Bisserup.
2020 - Bricks Gallery "Twentyfour", Copenhagen.
2018 - Galleri kunstmix, ”Remix # 4”, Copenhagen.
2017 - Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, "KE17 Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling", Copenhagen.
2017 - KØS Museum For Kunst I Det Offentlige Rum "Hvad Gør Kunst På Hospitaler?", UG, Køge.
2012 - Nikolaj Kunsthal Copenhagen Art Festival, Ambassador workshop projekt, UG, Copenhagen.
2012 - Tingbjerg "Visit Tingbjerg", UG, Copenhagen.
2012 - Ringsted Gallery, "Værker Sat Sammen Af", Ringsted.
2011 - MOHS Gallery, "Efter Stormen", Copenhagen
2011 - KØS Museum For Kunst I Det Offentlige Rum, "Walk This Way", Køge.
2010 - Happy Dog Gallery, "Bicycles And The Art" , Chicago, USA.
2010 - Sølyst slotspark, SAIR, "Pastiche – When a Tree Falls in the Forrest…" UG, Jyderup.
2010 - Odense Kunsthal, Opening Group Show, UG, Odense.
2010 - Bredgade Kunsthandel, "Vi Cykler", UG, Copenhagen.
2010 - WAS -Wonderland Art Space, "Ultra Silva", UG, Copenhagen.
2010 - Stalke Out Of Space, "On Paper", Kirke Sonnerup.
2010 - Henningsen Contemporary, "Astronomical Frontiers" Copenhagen

Member of the following organizations:
KKArt - Artistic cooperative, Joined 2020
Lejre billedkunstråd, joined 2020
VAK - Vestsjællands Arbejdende Kunstværksteder, Jyderup. Joined 2018
BKF -Billedkunstnernes Forbund joined 2017
Ultra Grøn -Artist duo, Founding member, 2006 - 2012


Instagram: @mortenplesner - Thepless(@)