Soloshow at Bricks Gallery_2020

"Atoll is the title of Morten Plesner’s solo exhibition at Bricks Gallery, which revolves around geological and biological forces, from the powerful energy discharge in the fire and the volcanic lava to the microscopic algae and corals that accumulate over thousands of years and gather into an isolated, tropical universe in the midst of the turquoise sea. Atoll is a visual exploration of the island’s materiality; of the lapping waves in the blurry waters of the lagoon, of crab shields, white sand and plants, and of the remains of various possible civilizations that might have inhabited the atoll with their rituals, hopes, and dreams.

From Plesner’s isolated atoll outside of time and place, he reaches back to what lies before the culture.
The natural and the created, the past and the present intermingle in the exhibition space in a way that can be called into question: Are these human-made artifacts or the coincidences of nature we are looking at?"

Photos by Kristian Touborg
Text by Louise Steiwer

Instagram: @mortenplesner - Thepless(@)gmail.com.